Modules – high quality, high-yielding, and easy to install

Soltecture offers solar modules tailor-made for solar construction. Here you can find easy-to-mount modules for all building-related needs and more.

Linion F - The elegant framed module

<b>Linion F</b> - The elegant framed module

Linion F - The powerful all-rounder


Excellent load capacity (snow loads up to 5,400 pa)

Universal use


Anthracite with pinstripes: The elegant alternative for solar construction


Thin-film module with maximum efficiency thanks to CIGSe absorbers

Its high power density makes it ideal for small roofs

Positive output tolerance (+5/0 W)

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Linion L - The laminate module for cost effective solutions

<b>Linion L</b> - The laminate module for cost effective solutions


Hardened, 5 millimetre-thick front panel

Easy installation

Compact module format enables easy installation by a single installer

Packed with cardboard sleeves to protect the edges during installation

High yields

Positive output tolerance (+8/-2 per cent)

Frameless surface ensures optimal self-cleaning

Excellent temperature coefficient also ensures high yields at hot locations

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Inteo components – developed in-house and perfectly matched

Soltecture modules are able to perform at their best when the other components in the solar power system optimally match one another and display an equally high quality as the modules. Soltecture complete systems and components ensure not only quality and durability but also an excellent price-performance ratio.

Inteo Clamp - The laminate clamp

<b>Inteo Clamp</b> - The laminate clamp

Laminate modules behave like glass panels inserted in buildings. Only when the correct technology is utilised for their installation that their safety and long-term durability is guaranteed.

Soltecture has developed a safety clamp that makes the deployment of laminate modules more secure and reliable than conventional clamps: Soltecture relies on maximum quality and innovative design.



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