Soltecture produces first 100 Watt solar modules
Company receives ISO 9001 certification

Soltecture announces new records in solar efficiency and meets highest quality and environment standards

Soltecture - thanks to a strong process optimization, 16 percent efficiency is in sight

Soltecture - thanks to a strong process optimization, 16 percent efficiency is in sight

Berlin, 05.12.2011 – Soltecture, a leading CIGSe thin-film manufacturing and system solutions providers, announces new records in solar efficiency: Today, the first 100 Watt solar modules have been produced by the production line in Berlin Adelsdorf, a reading that equates to a 13.4 percent efficiency. With Soltecture’s high-efficiency module, Linion, solar efficiency advances to the next level.

“Today’s peak results are a very clear confirmation of our technology roadmap“, explains Nikolaus Meyer, CEO and founder of Soltecture. “With our development work, we are on the best track to reaching the next milestone we have set for ourselves: 14 percent efficiency!“ That record efficiency would further strengthen Soltecture’s position among the leading thin-film module manufacturers. “We will reach that by mid-2012 at the latest,” announced Meyer.

Thanks to a strong process optimization, 16 percent efficiency is in sight

The new peak numbers in performance show how well Soltecture’s research department controls the production process for highest optimization. The potential of Soltecture’s CIGSe thin film modules is enormous. Among the many PV technologies is the thin film module technology based in CIGSe the only one, which reached 20 percent efficiency in laboratory conditions. “We will, of course, continue to increase the efficiency of our modules,” says Meyer. “Our research department continues to work full speed on optimization of the manufacturing process. The concrete projects needed to reach a 16 percent goal have already been tackled and drafted.“

With its new record numbers, Soltecture continues its success in the field of solar energy. When the first thin-film modules were introduced to the market in 2005, their performance peak was at 45 Watt. With the newly reached 100 Watt levels, Soltecture has more than doubled the performance of its solar modules. Today, Soltecture is the leader in CIGSe world market in technology innovation, production excellence, and market experience.

Highest quality and environment standards: ISO 9001 certification for Soltecture’s production

In addition to its record module efficiencies, Soltecture reached yet another milestone recently. The company in Adelsdorf has been officially ISO 9001 certified. With this, the certification company DQS confirms Soltecture’s highest innovation-driven production and service standards. With its quality claim--“Made in Germany”--and its unique user-friendly system solutions, Soltecture assures foreign project developers and investors with its consistently strict quality control, high-level product development, and the highest level of customer satisfaction, Soltecture’s number one priority.

“We are very pleased with this official recognition of our quality management,” explains Henrik Kruepper, Soltecture’s Chief Sales Officer. “We will use the guidelines of the certification to continuously improve our products and solutions and to streamline business processes throughout the entire company. In this way, we will remain adaptive and able to offer the highest degree of service to our clients.” Unlike other thin-film module manufacturers, Soltecture has more than a decade of business and client experience. Continuous technological advancement, intelligent system solutions, and efficient production processes elevate the company to the highest rung of players in the thin-film market.

About Soltecture

Based in Berlin, Soltecture is a leading manufacturer of CIS-based thin-film solar modules and a provider of comprehensive system solutions for solar construction. Soltecture has received multiple awards for its cutting-edge research and product development. Just recently, the UK’s Guardian newspaper once again listed the Berlin company among the “hottest 100 clean technology companies in Europe." In recent years, renowned international investors, including Intel Capital, Climate Change Capital, Vattenfall Europe, and GdF Suez Soltecture, have provided growth financing amounting to more than 110 million euros. This fresh capital has been utilised for the construction of new production facilities and for research and development.

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