New flat roof system: Aerodynamic lightweight

The new flat roof system from Soltecture enables previously unusable lightweight roofs with low load bearing capacities to be utilized for photovoltaic systems.

Soltecture flat roof system

Soltecture flat roof system

The new flat roof system stands out due to:

- extremely powerful (49 kWp per 10,000ft²)
- orientation in southerly direction without any additional expenditure
- system weight less than 2.85 lbs/ft²
- optimized design by intensive tests in a wind tunnel
- ballast is reduced to a minimum
- no penetration of roof surface
- suitable for roofs covered in bituminous sheeting, gravel or roof membranes
- tool-free installation in a just a few easy steps

Soltecture transforms plain flat roofs into solar energy power plants Where other system solutions are too heavy, Soltecture’s flat-roof system provides the only viable solution.

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