Research and innovation

Growth through innovation – that is the motto that Soltecture’s technologists follow. The company has been one of the worldwide market leaders right from the beginning and has set numerous milestones with its innovations (you can find out more here Link auf Meilensteine). This has resulted in the continually increasing efficiencies of our modules and a unique technology platform. We have developed two proprietary CIS technologies: one is based on sulphur (CIGS) and provides modules with maximum tolerance to heat; the other is based on selenium, which is ideal for domestic roofs with limited space. With both technologies we achieve peak efficiency values for the respective material systems. But we are not resting on our laurels – our technology roadmap is setting out our route to efficiencies beyond 14%.

Soltecture develops proprietary machine technology for the CIGS and CIGSe coating. We construct our own central plants for production and improve them from generation to generation. It is only in this manner that we are able to achieve maximum efficiencies using highly productive plant systems.

Soltecture’s R&D roadmap: Historic development of the average efficiency of Soltecture modules and forecasts

Milestones in the technological development.

10 years of Soltecture, 20 years of CIS development: Find out more about the milestones achieved in developing our technology.