Production since 2003

From an early pioneer to an experienced producer

In 2003, Soltecture’s founders began to apply the CIS technology on an industrial basis and to develop products in the current format. Soltecture is therefore one of the first companies to have successfully made the crossover from the laboratory into production and as a consequence is rightly acclaimed as a pioneer in the CIS community. We have developed our own unique know-how right from the start. Today, we are one of the few companies to have achieved full control over the numerous effects that occur when utilising the new CIS semiconductors on an industrial scale. The technology’s early teething problems are now a thing of the past. Only in this way was it possible for us to increase our pilot production to 90% utilisation and an 85% yield.

Our second CIS line, which was constructed as a fully automatic mass production facility with an initial annual capacity of 35 MW, was completed in 2009 and entered full operation in the second quarter of 2010. Two thirds of the ramp-up phase were therefore already successfully concluded by the end of 2010.

Soltecture sets itself high quality standards. Quality begins with the production – which is organised in accordance with ISO standard 9000/9001 – and extends to the product. In order to guarantee optimum quality, we have our production system audited regularly by the TÜV technical inspection agency and ensure the product quality through internal and external tests to IEC 61646. You can find out more here.


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