Tectum flat roof system

Tectum - the Soltecture flat roof system

Quick installation

  • Flat roof system from a single element: Linion L laminate module and a completely preassembled aluminium substructure

  • Tool-free installation

  • No roof penetration


  • System’s mass per unit area < 12.3 kg/m2

  • Aerodynamic system optimised in a wind tunnel

  • Can be used on many roofs without ballast

High yields

  • High power output per area (72 kWp per 1000 m2)

  • Southern orientation can be achieved without additional effort, since this does not depend on the building orientation

  • Frameless surface ensures optimal self-cleaning and smooth cover glass

Soltecture transforms plain flat roofs into solar energy power plants, whether they are covered with roofing membranes*, bituminous sheeting or gravel. Where other system solutions are too heavy, Soltecture’s Tectum flat roof system provides the only solution. It is minimally exposed to the wind and is so lightly constructed that it can also be installed on lightweight roofs with low load-bearing capacities. This has been proved by comprehensive wind tunnel tests and static loading calculations.

Because the solar modules and installation system are pre-assembled, the system can be installed on the roof in just a few easy steps. This reduces the installation effort to a fraction of that required for systems in which the substructure must first be constructed before the modules can be installed.

Various planning tools enable the system layout to be designed in just a few minutes in accordance with the specific site.

*Please get in touch with us or the respective manufacturer of the roofing membrane to obtain approval for the system solution.

If you have any technical questions, please send us an email at: service(at)soltecture.de

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Video: flat roof installation


You can find detailed information on Soltecture's flat-roof system here.

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