Sertum - Roof-mounted system for framed modules

Sertum - Roof-mounted system for framed modules


  • The black aluminium profile is optimally designed to match the appearance of the module

  • The variable insertion system ensures a uniform, uninterrupted generator surface, even with uneven roof surfaces

  • The system can be easily expanded at a later date

Easy installation

  • The compact modules are easily inserted, ensuring quick, safe and tool-free installation

  • The optimum rear-ventilation of the modules ensures high yields


  • The interlocking connection with the horizontal profile prevents stresses from forming in the modules

  • Robust, double-layered installation with optimised material usage through the efficient use of the horizontal profile

  • The special fluting on the horizontal profile ensures safe drainage and ventilation,

  • preventing frost and corrosion damage to the modules

The Sertum roof-mounted system delights the eye with its visual perfection. The uniform generator surface meets even the most exacting architectural demands and matches the elegance of roof-integrated systems. The insertion system is the perfect choice for homeowners who don’t want the visual appearance of their homes dominated by metallic, glimmering blue modules. With Soltecture’s roof-mounted system, a visually discrete solution is now available on the market that is second to none.

The smooth generator surface prevents snow from accumulating, enabling the snow to slide off as soon as it begins to thaw. In addition, the profiles are shaped to prevent sliding snow from breaking off the modules frames. The insertion system therefore not only winterproofs the solar power system but also increases the energy yields. For customers with particularly high demands, Soltecture can adapt the design of the Sertum roof-mounted system to meet the specific location requirements in accordance with DIN 1055.

Picture gallery

Video: pantiled roof installation

Video: Trapezblechdach installation

Video: Welldach installation

Plan and order the Sertum roof-mounted system

The Sertum roof-mounted system be easily planned and ordered using Soltecture’s free SOLdesign planning tool.


You can find detailed information on Soltecture’s Sertum roof-mounted system in our PDF datasheet, which also provides the latest installation instructions.

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