System solutions

Soltecture offers complete system solutions for solar construction from a single source. Whether for large commercial roofs or single-family homes – Soltecture offers suitable modules and systems for every roof.

Soltecture modules are able to perform at their best when the other components in the solar power system optimally match one another and display equally high quality.

Soltecture’s complete systems and components ensure not only quality and durability but also an excellent price/performance ratio. We offer system solutions that contain perfectly matched components for installing the solar power system.

In addition, we check and certify standard installation solutions and inverters.

Sertum roof-mounted system

<b>Sertum roof-mounted system</b>


The Sertum roof-mounted system makes screwing solar modules to the roof a thing of the past. The modules are inserted in black anodised aluminium profiles and held in place by means of an intelligent fixing mechanism.

The system has a uniquely attractive appearance, combining the modules to form a uniform, black-glass roof element.


Tectum flat roof system

<b>Tectum flat roof system</b>

Soltecture transforms plain flat roofs into solar energy power plants, whether they are covered with roofing membranes, bituminous sheeting or gravel. Where other system solutions are too heavy, Soltecture’s Tectum flat roof system provides the only safe and simple solution.


Pallium roof-integrated system

<b>Pallium roof-integrated system</b>

Soltecture’s innovative roof-integrated installation system opens up new possibilities in solar construction. The module system, installed like tiles on the roof battens, takes the place of conventional tiled roofs.


Corium PV facade solution

<b>Corium PV facade solution</b>

Soltecture facade solutions offer architects and designers of large office buildings benefits that extend far beyond the production of solar power: the facade solutions from Soltecture enhance buildings and transform mundane metallic cladding into representative glass facades.



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