Linion L - Laminate module

Linion L - The cost-effective quality module


  • Toughened 3 mm thick front panel (tempered safety glass)

  • Undrilled substrate glass thanks to patented edge contact

Easy installation

  • Compact module format enables easy installation by a single installer

  • Packed with cardboard sleeves to protect the edges during installation

High yields

  • Thin-film module with maximum efficiency thanks to CIGSe absorbers

  • Frameless surface ensures optimal self-cleaning

  • Positive output tolerance (+5/0 W)

Our laminate modules are particularly suitable for

  • large-scale commercial and agricultural roofs

  • gently sloping roofs and flat roofs

  • raw modules that are further processed for use as construction elements in roof and facade systems

The cost effective solution: Linion L - Laminate module

The laminate module is equipped with a strengthened 3mm thick front panel that offers unusually high stability even without frames. Cardboard sleeves prevent the glass from breaking and causing injuries during transport and installation. Laminate modules also generate reliably high yields when installed in solar power systems with low tilt angles, since they do not develop dirty edges as can sometimes happen with framed modules. Laminate modules are therefore the best choice for large roofs and are the most cost-effective product alternative.


You can find detailed information on Soltecture┬┤s laminate module in our PDF datasheet.

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