Linion F - Framed module

Linion F - The powerful all-rounder


  • Excellent load capacity (snow loads up to 5,400 pa)

  • Can be universally used on roofs or in facades


  • Anthracite with pinstripes: the elegant alternative for solar construction

High yields

  • Thin-film module with maximum efficiency thanks to CIGSe absorbers

  • High power density makes it ideal for small roofs

  • Positive output tolerance (+5/0 W)

Our framed modules are particularly suitable for

  • use in residential and small buildings

  • solar power systems in regions with high snow loads

  • solar power system operators with demanding architectural requirements and high quality awareness

  • construction elements in facade systems, privacy screens, and solar shading panels

Soltecture’s production accords with the high quality standards of the semiconductor industry and manufactures its CIS-based thin-film solar modules solely in Germany. The uniformly black glass surfaces provide visible proof of high quality and makes the modules amongst the most attractive on the market.


You can find detailed information on Soltecture´s high-efficiency module in our PDF datasheet.

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