Inteo Clamp - Laminate clamp

Inteo Clamp

Optimal positioning

  • The support rail engaged on the lower side supports the module even with loads greater than 2,400 Pa and prevents the edges from being crushed


  • Uses silicon-based rubber lips

  • Classified as "non-combustible" in accordance with UL94-V0

Electrically insulating

  • If glass is damaged, the highly insulating plastic prevents residual current from flowing between the frame and module

The method used for fixing a solar power system is extremely important since it is decisive in ensuring the system’s long-term safety and stability. Soltecture therefore set itself the challenge of developing a clamp that ensures that laminate modules can be secured more safely in comparison with conventional clamps: Soltecture has always relied on maximum quality and functionality through innovative design.

Soltecture’s laminate clamp resulted from the company's own proprietary research and development. Numerous systematic test series and simulation calculations based on the finite element method were necessary and have made the clamp the optimum fixing system for laminate modules.

Soltecture’s Inteo Clamp meets the highest safety requirements required in buildings. The silicon used is non-combustible in accordance with UL94-VO. In comparison with conventional clamps, which mostly use EPDM plastic, the dielectric strength is also significantly increased. Above all, the clamp provides ideal stabilisation for modules on roofs with high snow and wind loads. The Inteo Clamp therefore provides a core element in intelligent solutions for solar construction, an area in which Soltecture has considerable expertise.