Soltecture reaches new peak value with its high efficiency modules - Company attractive to new investors

Thin-film module manufacturing leader exhibits at the Intersolar Europe (Hall A1, Booth 120); International investment process has begun – High interest among potential buyers

Thin-film module manufacturing leader exhibits at the Intersolar Europe (Hall A1, Booth 120)
• New product introduction: The Linion Module reaches a 12.3 percent module efficiency
• The newest record module reaches 13.9 percent aperture and 12.8 percent module efficiency

International investment process has begun – High interest among potential buyers

Berlin/Munich, June 12th 2012 – Soltecture, the thin-film module expert, has reached the new champion efficiencies just in time for the Intersolar Europe conference. With a peak value of 103.9 Watts (W), analogous to a module efficiency of 13.9 percent aperture, the corporation was again able to significantly increase the efficiency of its CIGSe based modules. "Our research and development department was able to increase the module efficiency by another 10 W in less than one year. That is more than a 10 percent increase," explains Dr. Nikolaus Meyer, founder and CEO of Soltecture. "Thereby, Soltecture proves its international leadership in the solar thin-film module segment."

More than 200 years of technological experience

From its earliest efficiency progress, Soltecture succeeded in realizing the well-known potential of the CIGSe technology by converting it into strong, reliable products.

However, the possibilities of the materials have yet to be exhausted: Soltecture is pursuing its own Technology Roadmap that will bring the company to more than 16 percent efficiency by 2015. This high-tech enterprise, which emerged in 2001 from Europe’s leading photovoltaic research institute, conducts its production and development from its headquarters in Berlin-Adlershof. More than fifty highly qualified engineers, with a combined 200 years of technology experience, are employed on the project.

The new high-efficiency Linion 100 W leads Soltecture’s product portfolio. It has an aperture efficiency of 13.4 percent and a module efficiency of 12.3 percent. "With the Linion 100 W we are introducing one of the strongest thin film modules on the market," explains Dr. Nikolaus Meyer. Until now, the Linion line was available in performance classes of 80 W, 85 W and 90 W. Together with Linion 100 W, Soltecture will also exhibit the Linion 95 W at Intersolar. Both modules are IEC 61646 TÜV-certified and are being produced in accordance to the ISO 9001-standard. Soltecture’s system solutions for solar construction – from the prefabricated flat-roof element to the solar roof tiles – are now all equipped with the new high-efficiency modules and will be exhibited at Intersolar.

In the meantime, the search for an investor continues as planned. Hartwig Albers, the preliminary insolvency administrator, together with the M&A experts of the internationally renowned investment bank, Macquarie, have initiated the international investor process. "Numerous investors have already expressed interest in taking Soltecture over," explains the restructuring expert of the nationwide partnership Brinkmann & Partner. "Although it is too early to make precise predictions, the interest with potential investors is high." Therefore, he is “confident that we will find a buyer in the coming months."

Excellent chances for restructuring – High interest in company’s survival

Stable business operations and a trusted customer base also contribute to the boost in confidence. "Through the commitment of our employees, our customers have felt little impact of the insolvency, and we were able to sustain our transaction volume," says Dr. Meyer. The preliminary insolvency administrator confirms that "all parties involved have a vested interest in company’s survival." the administrator works together with Dr. Meyer on the restructuring and on the permanent preservation of the company.

On May 9, 2012, Soltecture filed for insolvency. The responsible local court, Berlin-Charlottenburg, hired attorney Hartwig Albers as a preliminary insolvency administrator. A substantial number of creditors have supported his appointment. With their decision to appoint Albers – one of the most experienced insolvency administrators and restructuring experts in Germany – the creditors show their faith in Soltecture’s business model and the will to contribute to the company’s restructuring.

About Soltecture

Soltecture, with its headquarters in Berlin, is one of the leading manufacturers of CIGSe based thin-film solar modules, and a supplier of complete system solutions for solar construction. Stemming from the thin-film pioneer Sulfurcell, Soltecture has molded important technological milestones into the history of the company, beginning with the market entry of the first products in 2005, to the youngest efficiency records of around 14 percent.

About the preliminary insolvency administrator

The Berlin attorney, Hartwig Albers, is one of the most experienced insolvency administrators and restructuring experts in Germany. He was appointed by the courts to more than 1,800 insolvency cases and successfully managed to ensure continuation of the companies. Since 1997, Albers has been a partner in Brinkmann & Partner, one of the largest German insolvency administration firms. Founded in 1980, the company operates nationwide in 34 branches with 125 attorneys, auditors, and tax attorneys (altogether, almost 450 employees). ( www.brinkmann-partner.de)

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