Company Headquarters

Company headquarters of Soltecture GmbH

Soltecture‘s company headquarters in Berlin-Adlershof is a perfect example of cutting edge architectural design: functional forms and the combination of metallic materials, glass and timber define the envelope of the purpose-built structure (architect: Rainer Girke). 700 modules from Soltecture have been integrated into the facade as glazed cladding material and, together with 6000 modules on the roof, cover the electricity requirements of the office building.

Interior design

The interior is characterised by the clear forms of the furnishings and fittings, which with their natural tones reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability (interior designer: Anita Eyrich).

Minimising the palette of materials and colours and systematically repeating them within the building reduces the complexity of the interior spaces and thus creates a pleasant and functional working environment.

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